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What are you missing this summer?

July 25, 2020

Another Way for week of July 24, 2020

Thoughts on this Summer of the Pandemic

What are you missing this summer?

I miss the lawn parties. The savory fried chicken, a freshly cooked hamburger and fries, and playing a round or two of Bingo while listening to mostly country or blue grass or even bad karaoke. In our community, a different civic group, rescue squad, or fire department take turns putting on an annual “lawn party” almost every weekend all summer. The events function as huge fundraisers but also entertainment. We usually are regulars and enjoy yakking with friends and neighbors.

Enjoying local chicken at Bergton Fair.

I will miss going to local fairs, admiring and comparing the garden and canned goods, browsing through the photo, craft or art entries by kids and teens who’ve done prize-winning work, cruising through the animal barns, ending the evening enjoying a freshly made funnel cake or melting ice cream cone.

We will miss a summer family reunion, the potluck lunch, the catching up and comparing babies while running after toddlers playing in the church gym where the meet up is usually held.

Cousin Eddie enjoying his grandson a few years ago.

I miss visiting my friend Martha in the nursing home where we used to play Bingo many Friday mornings. Well, she sat there, I played. She is now quarantined along with everyone else: no guests, no visitors, can’t even send flowers. I write cards and pray for her. But I’m glad Jackie and Charles are no longer suffering in that same institution. Oh. So. Glad. Lock down would have killed Charles anyway.

Martha, left, enjoys a laugh with my mother at a wedding reception.

I miss not feeling free to take a plane or train and go visit my mother or sightsee; but at least we can drive to Mom’s, being careful about restrooms and gas pump handles.

I miss going to our favorite restaurant. Sitting in your car in a hot parking lot eating Wendy’s carry out is just not the same as sliding onto a cool restaurant seat, ordering, waiting, being served water or drinks, and not having to clean up your table and kitchen afterwards.

I miss going to church: the weekly ritual of dressing up a bit, driving to church, greeting folks, singing, shaking hands during the passing of the peace, enjoying coffee and snacks together. (Will we ever shake hands again?) I’m glad our church emphasizes still being the church even though at this time we don’t worship in our building.

I miss seeing friends and family; we have seen both on a limited basis, but always with masks.

Many are missing outdoor summer music concerts—just too many people gathered in one place together. What a shame. Will there be football and marching bands this fall?

I miss carefree shopping. I hate feeling alarmed and anxious and judg-y when people aren’t wearing masks in stores. Or, are standing too close behind me in the checkout line, or when I absentmindedly go the wrong way on a one-way aisle. Mask or aisle battles are not something I want to get into.

These may sound like trivial things and they are, at least compared to losing a loved one to the virus or any of numerous diseases. We have missed so many funerals and memorials and our kids have missed weddings and other celebrations with friends.

But we have learned patience and making do. To be more aware that yes, we can survive this time and hold on to hope that the virus will someday be contained, be vaccinated for, a time we will look back marveling at this sad and impossible period. We are learning that we are not immune to terrible pandemics. It is a humbling, horrid experience, and with God’s help, billions will survive and maybe, maybe learn to make this planet a safer and better place. More filled with love and care for other persons.

I’m just finishing reading a book I’m loving (and will write about soon) but it has been a profound reminder of Christ’s dying wish and counsel to his dear disciples and all of us: “Love one another.” How we can put that into practice on a daily basis is the urgent call we all need to respond to in this time of suffering for so many.


What special and specific things you are missing—or enjoying! I’d love to hear from you either way.

Comment here or write to me at address below.


Write to or Another Way Media, P.O. Box 363, Singers Glen, VA 22834, or comment on the blog.

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Another Way is a column by Melodie Davis, in syndication since 1987. She is the author of nine books. Another Way columns are posted at a week after newspaper publication.  

  1. What I miss: hugs from grandchildren, freedom to board a plane for a vacation, seeing the little people at church, peace in our nation.

    What I appreciate: online friends, like you, Melodie; birthday cards, floral beauty, books, my husband’s care, God’s unfailing LOVE.

    I look forward to hearing the name of the book you are enjoying! ((( )))

  2. When I look at our calendar for this month, we had planned a 5 day vacation at a lovely spot in western Maryland with the whole family on a lake. We had reserved it a year ago. I know many many others who had ruined vacation plans. Your list of what you appreciate provides refreshment of the blessings.

    Hugs back!

  3. Beverly Silver permalink

    Thanks, Melodie. You touched on so many things that we can hope and pray to get back to, even if it has to mb a while from now. Love, Beverly

  4. Beverly, I was glad to see you made it to the Pizazz at the Pavallion; we had Lions club that night. Glad you enjoyed this column as well. Thanks for commenting and sharing!

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