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Messing with Memoir: Sending off a proposal

April 12, 2021

Sending off a proposal

Last year at this time,* I was spending days in a blur, and getting extremely frustrated with how my husband’s knee therapy was advancing, or wasn’t, because of the quarantine. Days were long and unexciting.

Than I remembered my goal of getting a proposal off to a possible publisher by the end of April. My day suddenly became one sparked by purpose, by a goal beyond getting three meals on the table and surviving eight or more hours of my husband’s therapy and applying ice and making more. I was coach as we spent several weeks without a physical therapist due to Covid.

I still get much joy our of ideating, creating, writing, editing, correcting, tweaking, and finally, pronouncing it done. Well done, I hope, or at least readable, marketable and interesting to others.

I was able to snag extra time to work on my memoir because I purchased a column (for my syndicated newspaper column) from a great nephew, Stone, to use, which was well received. In early April his school had closed down for the year and he wrote a great Facebook post on being a senior finishing up his year. His “help” enabled me to finish drafting three sample chapters.

After doing my best, I left them rest a bit for breathing space before tackling another serious edit.

Then, whew. I hit send. After doing a final proofing of my proposal, three sample chapters, my vita, and a chapter outline, I was almost as giddy with eagerness as I was the first time I ever sent off a book proposal. Only now there’s no endless retyping on a manual typewriter (yes I did that!), and securing a large envelope and postage plus that all important SASE.

Yours truly, circa 1978, typing.

On a trot out to retrieve our morning paper, (yes, we still subscribe to the paper), I realized I’m still asking myself whether my project has merit, is it publishable, can I really do this, just like I did in 1982 or so! Nine books and many other brainstorms later, I still have a foot in the game, and anxiously awaited a response from a publisher.

And now, I will sit back and wait for a response, and do other things. Happy day!!


If you are a writer, do you love to spend time writing? Or do you dread or hate it?

Is it a chore or a diversion or a hobby or your livelihood?

*I’ve decided to come clean and reveal that these posts on writing a memoir were first drafted last year as I worked on a proposal and various chapters. I am sharing the ups and downs and will lead up to talking about titles and subtitle options, covers, and eventually, I hope publication and launch. I will enjoy and appreciate any feedback or your own stories!


An author I’ve worked with who helps writers be published is Margot Starbuck. Check out her robust resources and info here! She sparkles with ideas and pizazz!

  1. martyw37 permalink

    hello Melodie

    Excited for you to have accomplished another goal of your writing Career, even amidst the challenges you have faced this past year . Hope that you will continue to have success for this one too
    Blessings Caro-Claire

  2. Caro-Claire–Thanks for your sweet words! You, my dear, could/should be writing your own memoir. If you don’t have anything else to do. Ha! I’m glad for the outlet amidst challenges, but we are not all made the same. Blessings to you and your dear hubby.

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